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Artifact from the digital revolution 2019

The Work is trying to make a visible, not obvious analogy with the well known Eugène Delacroix painting ''Liberty Leading the People ''.With this pice my imagination leads to a tale about the future, creating the hole myth based on ''Digital Revolution Haulcost".I'm analyzing the paradox about technology and dimensions between, how we can very easily lose all, plenty of not physical money of which we are slaves, avatars, fake and real identities, all the bitcoins, but also all the source, information, system, resource . I'm very fascinated by how the cracks, the error, the glitches* can protect you. ( An error in a structured system. It is usually applied to electrical and computer systems.
The electrical grid has developed a glitch by Mittens November 11, 2003). The paradox that if I make a digital work possibly lose it much easier tomorrow is showing clearly my choice of media, which was challenging to create , approach, paint and draw all the possible glitches The reason why I chose to make it on unstretched canvas is hiding in the name of the work The canvas look ripped off the frame turning the work to and evidence of something old an artifact which is showing old power, old strength, old admiration forgotten by the next solves of the next future . In the Rise of Data and digitalization, no one needs to ask each other, no one can trust and hold the flag together that's why my character is alone on the canvas because shehe or it is lost in his own interests but leading to errors and plenty of climaxes