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Born in Bulgaria in 1999.
Graduated from the National High -School of Fine Arts Sofia, Bulgaria in 2018 with specialty Illustration and bookmarking.
• Selection for the exhibition and catalog of the 25th Biennale of the Modern Exlibris, 2015, Malbourg, Poland;
• Laureate of the 3rd International Ex Libris Competition for Young Artists 2015, Vladimir, Russia;
• Participation in an exhibition of the Bulgarian Cultural Institute, Warsaw, Poland, 2015;
• Gold Medal of the 18th International Young Artist Competition 2015, Town of Torun, Poland;
• Participation in the 14th International Exhibition Graphic Small Format, Lessedra Gallery, Sofia, June 2016
• Finalist of the Ecco Antarctic Competition of the Bulgarian Antarctic Institute with exhibitions in Punta Arena, Chile and the Bulgarian Polar Base on Livingston Island, Antarctica, 2016
• First prize at the National Youth Competition, National Palace of Culture, Sofia, specialty Illustration and layout of the book, 2016
• Participation in a competition for artistic drawing, High School of Applied Arts, Sofia, 2014, 2015, 2016; • • Joint Exhibition in the Illustration and Layout of the Book "Lorem Ipsum", Debut 2017 Gallery
• Participation of the International Exile Biennale, Guangzhou, China 2017
• Excellent with an outstanding scholarship from the Communitas Foundation, the 1000 Scholarship Project in the Fine Arts Program
• Participation in charity exhibitions and initiatives - The Court of Justice of the Republic of Bulgaria, 2015-2017; working with children at "Hug me" workshop

Artistic approach
I'm figurative and abstract, fun and brutal, with my work I'm trying to explain to myself the despair and beauty in today's capitalistic world, expressing through unconventional materials, media, forms, shades, and shapes. I'm is sure that the contradiction is the main force of moving things. Trying to capture the point of breaking when is turning to something else, basically the climax. The tragedy from which became something beautiful, fragile but powerful. Personally, at first, I found it difficult to understand the ideology of rationalized Art, perhaps because I graduated from a high school of art in Bulgaria that directed me on a good technological level, but not emphasizing both a content and a concept. I believe that my training and process now, have saved from the mannerism’s I have been in. I have found that every piece of work is a passage from experience or research. In the process of learning, I am expressing myself more clearly because my existentialism is a passion I witch you can become lost very easily. In fact, it motivates me to rely more on myself and to check my historians, working with my Bulgarian identity teach me how to be true and as authentic as possible, which makes me think that the art world is something very relative. That artists are "researching" appears easier within a scientistic worldview than that some of the products of their work must logically belong to "research". Lesage suspects that this rejection also is concerned about the restriction of resource access. In painting, I try different brush strokes by squeezing materials and textures together the plot of the painting is the mediation the problem and the solves. I love the expressiveness of the big characters and spots.